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March 15, 2011

New or Updated Features on DHR’s website:

Destruction of the CSS Richmond-based Ironclads

Destruction of the Confederate ironclads on the James River.

Notes on Virginia Online: The Battle of Trent’s Reach, James River, 1865:  Civil War photographers typically used enormous glass negatives to capture an image. When these same negatives are scanned at a high resolution and posted online, as the Library of Congress has done, it is possible using photographic software to explore small and often previously unrevealed details inherent within each negative. That’s exactly what archaeologist Taft Kiser has done to create fresh views of historic photographs and illustrations.  In so doing, he also tells the story of a little-recalled battle between the Confederate and Union navies on the James River in January 1865. “It was a bold and eleventh-hour attempt by the Confederate navy to cut off the Union army’s supply base at City Point in January of 1865,” says Kiser, an archaeologist with Cultural Resources Inc.  See this fascinating slideshow of Kiser’s narrative, an online feature of Notes on Virginia, a publication of the Department of Historic Resources. (The slideshow expands an annotated gallery that Kiser contributed to Notes on Virginia, No. 53.)

Updated: Virginia Atlas of Archaeology: We have posted an updated atlas featuring links to destinations in Virginia that are open to the public and feature exhibits or information related to archaeology. Visit the Virginia ArchNet webpage or go directly to the atlas here.

Forthcoming DHR-sponsored Events of Interest:

Register Now for April Cemetery Workshop!: Flowers are optional but participants will be encouraged to bring mirrors and cameras, and clipboards and questions during a forthcoming Cemetery Workshop being offered by staff of the Department of Historic Resources at Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg. The two-day workshop, offered in partnership with Preservation Virginia, will be held April 8 and 9. For more information, see this press release.

The Agenda is Posted: April 17-18: Virginia Battlefield Preservation Conference, Manassas: “Taking the Lead in Battlefield Preservation: Tools, Resources, and Strategies for Virginia.” This conference, sponsored by Prince William County, DHR, Preservation Virginia and the National Park Service, is geared for local officials with stewardship responsibilities for Virginia’s nationally significant battlefields; land conservation advocates and battlefield friends groups; owners and managers of battlefield land; local and regional planning commissioners and local preservation commissioners; local committees for Virginia’s Sesquicentennial Civil War Anniversary Commemoration; citizens who want to put battlefields to work for tourism, education and sustainable development.  For more information, go here.